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In the contemporary spirit of welding the functionality of design and the transcendent quality of art, Marcus Tremonto has created a dazzling body of work that features chandeliers, tables and wall pieces as well as magnificent pieces in the form of table sculpture. These evocative works that manipulate and draw with light and which have been in development for the last three years will, for the first time, be showcased in a gallery setting.The cornerstone of this work is the artist-designer’s fascination with pushing the boundaries of readily available materials such as Perspex, into a precious work of art. For Marcus Tremonto, it is the development of materials that reflect the modern age and he strives to represent the future in shape.These ideas led to Tremonto winning Interior Design Magazines 2006 "Future Furniture" competition for a design utilizing rapid prototyping techniques.

MarcusTremonto has been working with a lighting material that is electroluminescent, carefully composing forms creating a process that leaves each a unique example: some which pay homage to icons of modern design and are contextualized in a wholly inventive way and others which enter a more abstract and futuristic realm. 

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