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eat more of

be more like

work with less

Marcus Tremonto's unique way of using light, as a way to convey imagery and emotion,
is on par with artists such as Dan Flavin and James Turell.

Lucia van der Post, 
FT( London Financial Times)


some thing big is coming

Peter Miles

MILK Studios, New York 2007


Utopie II


Mystery is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle.

                                                                                                      Albert Einstein




TOD's spa. Video Installation

Salone del Mobile Milan 2014

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studios n.y.c


The Manhattan based collaborative design studio, Treluce Studios n.y.c, was founded in 2002 by Marcus Tremonto with wife and partner Monica Tremonto; the studio is a collaborative which focuses on Fine Art driven concepts based on re-contextualizing, re- purposing and re-imaging traditional designs with new design philosophies.


Artist/Designer Marcus Tremonto received international recognition and acclaim for his innovative work from the solo exhibition entitled "Lightworks" for Phillips De Pury and Company in the fall of 2007. Following, he was chosen for the coveted Swarovski Crystal Palace in Milan 2008 and exhibited in their first museum exhibition in London at the Design Museum in 2012.


In addition, the studio was chosen by Tiffany & Co. to be the first artists in the 175 year history of the company to create a unique work installation for their SOHO New York store. Our Limited edition Pieces and objects can also be found at the Copper Hewitt Museum.

The Tremonto's exhibits internationally from Milan’s Salone del Mobile to The Pavillon des Art et du Design in Paris/London, during Frieze Art in London and Design Miami; and has designed collections for MOSS in New York. Currently his work is held in private collections, fine galleries and museums.

Within the last ten years, work from the studio has been published in over 165 unique worldwide publications; ranging from The New York Times, Case da Abitare, Domus, Connaisance des Arts, Etapes, Blueprint and others.

The studio was awarded the Future Furniture Interior Design award in 2006. 


Marcus holds a BS in Mathematics, BS Physics, As well as a PB and Masters in Fine Art from The Art Institute of Chicago. 

Monica Tremonto holds a degree in Art History, London England.