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of the easter eggs?


Limited Editions




A Photographic Record of the events that transpired between the dates of 5/30/2020 and 6/16/2020,
and the artistic expression that followed on the boarded up buildings of this historic art district in Manhattan New York

A classic children’s tale for all ages, by internationally acclaimed visual artists Marcus and Monica Tremonto, Vincent et La Petite Maison Noire is their first foray into Illustrated publications..
Colorfully set in the beautiful Jardin du Luxembourg, this tale tells the story of Vincent, the only seagull in Paris, who stays home for the winter… and La Petite Maison Noire, the historic little black house of the great Famille de Canards, who have lived in the Jardin for many many generations.  
Can Vincent save the family from having to unexpectedly move from their only home? 

How will one seagull, as smart as he is, avoid loosing his best friends?  
And what does all this have to do with Pringles?!!!

The book is filled on every page, with beautiful and vibrant color illustrations in a variety of graphic techniques and drawing styles, also incorporating images taken by the authors. 
Hope you enjoy!

The Wonderful World of Icky Spills by Marcus Tremonto is a compilation of drawings spanning over a 10 year period of travels during the artists critically acclaimed career as a visual light artist.


Photos of un-savory spills taken on the streets of Paris and New York revealed something beyond the disgusting mess they appeared to be.


It is a reveal of the magical work of the artist and Demi-God Icky Spills, who was banished from Mount Olympus by Zeus himself. Tragically forced to use what his messy apprentices leave behind on the streets of the world, to create his imagery,

this magical book will train your eye to find his hidden gems amongst the yuck in your daily travels

Isolation Animations, the series of whimsical animations by critically acclaimed visual light artist Marcus Tremonto and his wife and partner Monica, is a humorous look

at modern living during quarantine in New York during the 2020 pandemic.

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